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Emmeline G. Jones
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People have to ask themselves the question, "why the hell did I come here?"

a very potter musical, alison croggon, all things mysterious, angus & julia stone, aqualung, architecture in helsinki, art of fighting, augie march, avpm, avps, baz luhrman, bertie blackman, bob evans, butterfly boucher, cadvan, carnivale, cat power, cheese, clare bowditch, coldplay, community, crapping rainbows, damien rice, decoder ring, deredith, derek shepard, devoted few, dexter, diaf stephenie meyer, doctor who, downton abbey, drawing, edward's dead sperm, elcb, elliot smith, emiliana torrini, eskimo joe, eternal sunshine, evermore, everything is illuminated, existentialism, failboats, fantasy, fringe, frou frou, george, gin club, gomez, gotye, grey's anatomy, hibby, holly throsby, howie day, howling bells, imogen heap, imprinting is fucking hilarious, jack johnson, jack shepard, jack sparrow, jate, jen cloher, joanna newsom, john butler trio, jon brion, joseph arthur, josh pyke, josé gonzález, kav, keane, klaxons, kt tunstall, lamb, like a version, lior, lirael, little birdy, lord of the rings, lost, m15m, machine translations, maerad, martha wainwright, massive attack, mcmenamins, midlake, midnight, misa, misfits, missy higgins, motor ace, moulin rouge, movies in fifteen minutes, mysterious brown spot, mythbusters, narnia, north and south, nouvelle vague, pedobear is so jealous, pellinor, pete murray, photography, poetry, portishead, postsecret, potc, potter puppet pals, prision break, pushing daisies, quirrellmort, radical face, radiohead, regina spektor, rob dougan, rufus wainwright, sabriel, sara douglass, sarah blasko, sherlock, sherlock holmes, sia, sneaky sound system, snow patrol, sokka, sophie koh, sparrabeth, spirited, starship, sunsets, the audrey's, the colour green, the devil spawn, the disociatives, the fall, the verve, the waifs, the whitlams, thom yorke, tori amos, travel, travis, triple j, true blood, turin brakes, twin peaks, writing, wtwta, xlormp, zenith, zero 7, zombie walk

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